If you are like most of my customers over the past 30 years, here is what you want to know

  • Am I going to do your job right?
  • Am I going to give you an honest estimate?
  • Am I going to get your job done on time?

Well, let me get right to the point. The answer to your question is “yes.”

Seriously. Here’s why:

Rick Bagley


It starts with me listening to you. I’m going to ask you a lot of questions, and listen to your answers.

I might make suggestions, or ask more questions. Then I’ll listen some more.

Once I have a pretty good idea of what you want, I’ll put it on paper so you can see it written down. Then we’ll sit down again and look over the plans, the budget, and the timeline. We’ll go over it piece by piece until we both know exactly what YOU want.

Then, when you give the go ahead — I do it.

It’s that simple. I do it. When I’m finished you will love it.

I deliver. That’s why I have hundreds of customers over the last 30 years that come back again and again to work on their houses.


I’ve been in this business long enough (30 years) that I know how much time a job should take. I won’t rush it to make you feel better about it and I won’t pad the schedule to take advantage of you.

And, when it comes to the job itself you can count on me and my subcontractors to show up on time, put in a full day’s work every day until the project is complete. That way, we can leave on time too so you can have your house back.

Sometimes stuff comes up we can’t control (it even happens to me). When that happens I promise to let you know right away so that we can work together to plan the best way to handle it.


I’m going tell you what your project will cost – really. No B.S. Just straight talk about your project and what it will take to do it right.

I don’t lowball just to win bids. Low bids either mean cheaper sub-standard materials, or cutting corners to reduce labor costs. I tell you what it will take to do what you want, with the level of quality that we will both be proud of.

When we finish, you will feel great about every penny you spent. Like they say, “Quality isn’t expensive. It’s priceless.”


  • You like dealing with a builder that keeps his promises.
  • You appreciate a builder who shows up on time (and leaves on time). 
  • You like getting the most bang for your hard earned money.
  • You like working with a contractor who is on your jobsite, not hiding in an office.
  • You like contractors who take personal pride in every project.
  • You want to know that every subcontractor has a long record of quality dependable work.
  • You want a master carpenter who can take your ideas and make them a beautiful reality.


The most important factor in your hiring decision is the character and quality of the person you hire. My customers love me because I deliver the goods.

Take a look at the quality of work in the portfolio photos and videos on this website. Your home will look just as good when I’m finished.

Read the testimonials from my customers. I have many customers that tell me they will never hire anyone else to work on their homes.

Call me today. Let’s talk and let me show you why hiring me means you are hiring the best in the business.

"Just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful porch and deck. We appreciated your excellent craftsmanship and construction as well as consideration of our needs. We are enjoying the addition to our house each day."


"The basement is awesome - more living space! The walls throughout are beautiful and flawless. We are very happy with the quality of the work. Did I mention we love the kitchen!"

"Your keeen sense of artistry, professional approach, and reasonable prices combined with years of experience set your company apart from the rest. For this reason you will be called upon for OUR future projects..."




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