At Bagley Contracting, we have a wide range of skills and experiences, with superb craftsmanship being the bottom line. Quite simply, it is our job to turn your creative ideas into reality. Kitchens are the most customized rooms in nearly every house, and with good reason. Every good home cook prefers a certain layout or theme in their kitchen.

Interior kitchen remodeling is a favorite for many contractors. It represents an array of different projects that allow their extensive knowledge and craftsmanship a chance to shine. Maybe your floor joists need to be leveled, or new tiling applied. Maybe you’re ready for that marble countertop, or that rustic deep sink, or those hanging spotlights. Whatever the project may be, we can’t wait to get started.

  • Resurface, re-stain, or replace the countertops and cabinetry in your kitchen.
  • Flexible plumbing and lighting options for a kitchen layout that works for you.
  • Gorgeous handmade cabinetry designed to match your kitchen’s theme.


When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are two basic types of projects: those done out of necessity and those done for aesthetic purposes. For your sake we prefer the second type, mostly because necessity projects mean there was some kind of plumbing disaster in your home. And that’s just not fun for anyone.

That being said, you can expect top quality remodeling from us that is both functional and attractive. Whether a pipe burst and you need new walls and flooring, or if you want a walk-in shower with stone tiles, the outcome will be equally beautiful.

  • Interior design themes ranging from rustic, to modern, to simple and functional.
  • Plumbing installation and electrical layouts to fit any design.
  • Preventative approach to remodeling to protect against future problems or failures.

"Just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful porch and deck. We appreciated your excellent craftsmanship and construction as well as consideration of our needs. We are enjoying the addition to our house each day."


"The basement is awesome - more living space! The walls throughout are beautiful and flawless. We are very happy with the quality of the work. Did I mention we love the kitchen!"

"Your keeen sense of artistry, professional approach, and reasonable prices combined with years of experience set your company apart from the rest. For this reason you will be called upon for OUR future projects..."




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